Crankcase Repair

shop 001.JPGCentral Cylinder can repair and overhaul Lycoming , Continental and Franklin crankcases. Every case is inspected buy our highly skilled NDT experts prior to repair or overhaul. If a case is beyond safe and practical repair, it will be rejected. All welding is done buy FAA certified welders using first class equipment to ensure a quality repair.

Overhauled crankcases are precision milled to exacting tolerances. This process produces case halves that are true and parallel without removing excess amounts of material. After main bearing and cam journals have been either line bored or line honed to size, all critical dimensions including accessory drive locations are returned to new limits. Buy doing this we can ensure proper running clearances and maintain proper backlash for all internal gears and components.

Central Cylinder is approved for every common improvement, upgrade and repair for Lycoming, Franklin and Continental crankcases. This includes o-ringing, seventh stud, web removal, oversizing, blueprinting, and deck truing. We can accommodate the special requests of experimental builders as well.