Merlin V-1650

shop 004.JPGCentral Cylinder offers overhaul and repair services for the Merlin V-1650 engine series. As well as individual head and bank assembly repair services.

Our unique testing and repair procedures and equipment allow us to bring your V-1650 to a better than new level of performance and reliability. Guides and seats are inspected and replaced if necessary. Valves and springs are inspected and tested to strict standards. Seat and guide work is performed on a Serdi machine; (seats are cut to exact standards that can not be accomplished by grinding with stones). After final repair and assembly, we test the head and bank as a complete unit, by circulating pressurized and heated glycol-based solution through the complete assembly. Final inspection includes differential pressure testing which can detect leaks and potential problems before returning them to service.

Central Cylinder continues to expand our support of these and other warbird and classic aircraft engines. It is part of our commitment to keep you flying now and tomorrow.